Flex Wheel / Joint Rotator

Product Name:  Flex Wheel / Joint Rotator

Category: outdoor Fitness Equipment 

Model Ref No: GSP/FT/007

Colour: Available in different Colour


Many exercises that can be done on a ballet bar can be practiced on the strength and stretch bars. These can include many leg strengthening exercises including alternating leg swings, lunges and deep knee bends.

Hundreds of products available;

-Easy to install and 0% and Maintenance free Instruments

-All the details and design can be customized.

-High-Tech and Creative design with 30 patents;

-Galvanized steel, safe and durable;

-Comfortable and simple to use.

-Free use by public, Community health improvements.

-Best customer service in the industry.

-Double electrostatic epoxy powder painting

-Material sprayed is safe and environmental friendly.


  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • Model: GSP/FT/007

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